Ghana-Centre of the World


Critical attributes that uniquely identify Ghana as the nearest dry land to the interjectional point of the Longitude and Latitude 0ᵒ in the Atlantic Ocean. Following the World declaration of the Greenwich as the Prime Meridian on 13th October, 1884 at Washington DC, made Tema-Ghana land the Centre of the World. Tema is located on the Longitude 0ᵒ and Latitude 5.73ᵒ north. That is 380 miles, 611km or 330 nautical miles to the Latitude 0ᵒ hence, Tema is the nearest habitable land to the Centre of the World. Additionally, NASA and other Space Scientists base their scientific exploration on Ghana’s Universal Time Coordinates.

The Ghana - Centre of the World project is specifically envisaged to translate the fact into tangible monumental structures and facilities that would stand the test of time and strategically benefit the nation as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Africa and then the World at large.

Project Concept

The three (3) projects that will be undertaken include:

The construction of a Passenger & Cruise Ship Terminal at the Port to attract Cruises & the erection of a World Time Iconic Tower at the Tema Harbour.

The redevelopment of the Greenwich Meridian Religious Tourism Facilities such as Greenwich Meridian Church Tower & Observation Post, Prayer Room, Books and Craft Shops.

The transformation of the Tema Country Gulf Club now Centre of the World Golf Club into a World Class Leisure Resort with the capacity to host PGA certified tournaments.

Project Outputs

In order to achieve the objectives and purpose of the project, the main outputs expected to be generated include:

A multipurpose World Time Iconic Tower merged into a Passenger and Cruise Terminal with related social facilities situated at a spot closest to the Longitude 0ᵒ. Expected facilities within the terminal should include:

Statutory Facilities

Immigration Service

National Security

Customs Service

Port Health & Safety


Marine/Maritime Museum

Meridian Mall


Offices (Ticketing, Tour Services, Souvenirs etc.)


VR viewing system (ref. point 4 below)

Expected facilities within the Presbyterian Church for Religious Tourism. Activities should include:

Wailing Wall

Prayer Sanctuary

Meditation Room

Religious Souvenir Shop

Expected international standards facilities within the 170-acre Centre of the World Golf Club into a World Class Golf Resort to host PGA approved tournament should include:

World class golf course

5-star hotel (s)

State of the arts sports shop

Casino (s)


Shopping mall

Night club

Health shop

State of the art gym (Several workout studios)

A multipurpose sports gymnasium

A multipurpose conference auditorium (1000-Seater capacity at least)


Bank farm

Club clinic /Emergency room


Indoor recreational halls

Nature parks areas and trails

Madam Tussauds (lookalike) studio

Ice Ski Shelter / Skating rink

Movie Theatre

Playhouse areas

Art and crafts studios

Ultra-modern bar and lounge (Karaoke stage etc.)

Other modern facilities not listed but vital to the project.

Build a Virtual Reality System Station that would stimulate expected experience of being at the exact longitude 0ᵒ both at the Church and the Tema Port:

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated scenario that simulates experience through senses and perception. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical, creating an experience not possible in ordinary physical reality. Augmented reality systems may also be considered a form of VR that layers virtual information over a live camera feed into a headset or through a smartphone or tablet device giving the user the ability to view three-dimensional images. This technology would be used to virtually stimulate the meridian line at the church and the journey to the exact 0 degrees point in the ocean at the port to enhance the experience of tourists who visit the center of the world. (Wikipedia,2018)

Project Justification

Many developed countries have used various strategies to project their countries. These create mental pictures of their destinations. France is noted for the Eifel Tower, United Kingdom – London Bridge, United States – Statue of Liberty. Other countries use slogans or brand names that epitomize their destinations.

In Ghana, we can talk of the Black Star Square, Nkrumah Memorial Park or second largest producer of cocoa in the World. Do these monuments or crop encapsulate or epitomize Ghana such that the World can easily relate to and if so to what extent?

To this end, the unique location of the Meridian Line or Longitude 0ᵒ through Tema could be tapped into, positioning and branding Ghana as the Centre of the World. Using the Universal Time Coordinates (UTC) would place Ghana on a platform that can be leveraged for its socio-economic development in a monumental advancement. It is against this backdrop that the Ghana the Centre of the World Tourism project has been initiated to strategically position Ghana as a desired tourism destination to access the potential benefits thereof.

Tourism in Ghana is currently ranked the fourth highest foreign exchange earner and still growing. As the number of tourist destinations in Ghana increases and attracts more tourists, it has become increasingly important that effective use is made of international best practices in tourism development, support services and management systems. The Centre of the World project definitely can be the foot in the way to accessing the full benefits and developmental advancements anticipated for the tourism industry.

Objectives Of The Project

The objectives of the project include:

Project Ghana as the Centre of the world.

Capitalize on the opportunity to provide quality tourism experience to locals and foreigners.

Improve overall destination attractiveness of Ghana.

Boost domestic tourism.

Provide better coordination, integration, and dissemination of travel and tourism information on the Centre of the world.

To increase our tourism offerings and attractions.

To promote Tema as a preferred tourist destination for leisure and business.

Business Model

The project will be executed in phases through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement in the form of a Joint Venture Partnerships (JVPs) or Single Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). The project finance models will include Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) and Build Operate and Transfer (BOT). The rest include but not limited to loan or suppliers’ credits.

Current Status

Three major stakeholders: Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA), the Presbyterian Church of Ghana on the Greenwich Meridian and the Centre of the World Golf Club have all shared their site plans, project plans and master plans with GTDC.

Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) have been signed between GTDC and Presbyterian Church of Ghana on the Greenwich Meridian and the Centre of the World Golf Club

First draft of concept designs for the Tourism facilities at the Centre of the World Golf Club and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana have been submitted after engaging world renowned architectural firm for that work.

Organized 3 editions of the Ghana-Centre of the World Golf tournament at the now Centre of the World Golf Club, Tema.

Next Steps

Design and develop the Ghana-Centre of the World Greenwich Meridian Observatory Site at Hole 7 at the Golf Course.

Conduct feasibility and business case

Receive architectural drawings and business case reports

Investment roadshow for developers and financers.