Tourism Site Development


The project is to undertake a mapping exercise of existing and newly discovered sites with potential for development and revenue generation. These sites are expected to be selected from all ten regions thus, ensure equity in the development and distribution of revenue to all regions through tourism.

Objectives Of The Project

The purpose of the project is to provide strategic advice and technical support to develop ideas and proposals for investments, revenue generation, and quality assurance and appropriate infrastructure using sustainable practices. The project is also aimed at achieving the following objectives;

Review existing tourist sites in Ghana

Identify new and undeveloped tourist sites in Ghana with revenue generating potential to meet the objectives of GTDC

Revenue receipts and management

Provide technical support on and develop business cases for both existing and new potentials

Provide technical expertise on how to develop quality assurance tools and guidelines to ensure that they are comparable with those used globally

Develop a template for GTDC business and investment manual

Provide technical expertise and support on the development of a comprehensive facility management plans that will cover - Revenue receipts and management, Maintenance regime, Management structure & Marketing

Current Status

Negotiations with owners of potentially profitable tourist sites and facilities ongoing.

Stakeholder engagement ongoing.